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Good news! I am seeing clients face to face again with the correct precautions in place. My top priority is keeping us both safe which is something we can discuss during your free phone consultation. 

Alison Ralph; your Macclesfield Hypnotherapist and counsellor

Hello! A warm welcome to you. I’m Alison Ralph you’re Macclesfield hypnotherapist and counsellor. There is a reason you have visited my website today and whatever reason that may be, it is lovely to have you here.

It might be that your visiting today because you would like to overcome feelings of anxiety or depression, you may want to stop smoking once and for all, or you might be here to gather information for a loved one. Whatever the reason, I am happy to have a chat with you to explore your treatment path. 

Macclesfield and the surrounding areas

In my private practice I welcome hypnotherapy and counselling clients not only from Macclesfield but the surrounding areas too. I am a short drive away from Prestbury, Wilmslow, and Bollington and people travel as far as Congleton and Stockport. 

I am proud to have a private hypnotherapy and counselling practice based in Macclesfield where I can get to know and understand my clients and their needs so I can be led by them and support them in the best possible way using my experience and knowledge in the field of therapy and hypnosis. 

When you are struggling with a mental health condition or just don’t know where else to turn in life it can be a lonely and scary place. I am here to help and support in a non-judgemental and understanding environment.

Hypnotherapy and counselling are two different therapies which I offer and it might be that you are interested in one, or both. You can find out more about how each therapy works on my website or feel free to get in touch via email or phone. 

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Overcome issues or embark on self-improvement through hypnotherapy sessions. In these sessions we will go on a journey together using the relaxing and fascinating technique if hypnosis. 

Counselling Sessions

Bring your issues and emotions to a confidential environment. A space where we can build up a therapeutic relationship to help discover ways to make the changes you would like to make to improve your life. 

Corporate Sessions

Are you interested in helping your employees through the use of holistic therapies? Hypnotherapy has many benefits, including helping the body to relax to help a person feel calmer and more relaxed. I often go into workplaces to work with group of people teaching them strategies that they can use at home and allowing them the wonderful experience of hypnosis. 

Subscription Service

Bring relaxation and self-development into your home with any of my affordable subscription packages. Complete the activities and recording in your own time and receive new ones on a regular basis. 

Discover yourself and make changes...

Working with me in my therapy room based in Macclesfield you can make discoveries about yourself in a calming, non-judgemental and understanding environment. You will have the space to work through issues and resolve them in the best way for you. Any work I complete whether that be in my private practice or through other means is always client led and focussed on using my skills and experience to give my clients the best possible outcome for them.

Explore my top tips, information and more...

Take a look at my blog for insights into different issues I work with, my top tips on overcoming various issues and to gain more understanding about hypnotherapy and counselling. 

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Kind Words...

I went from 20 a day for 20 years to smoke free for the last 7 months after just 2 sessions. I can’t recommend highly enough. (Male)

I can’t thank Alison enough for helping me manage my anxiety and showing me some useful techniques to deal with daily situations. She made the environment cosy and safe and I felt completely comfortable opening up to her. (Female)

I came to Alison to try and stop my habit of hair pulling as I had tried myself with no success. Alison made me feel very comfortable and worked with me to put methods into place to stop my habit of pulling. After only a few hypnotherapy session I have stopped pulling daily and now know how to stop myself if I am tempted to pull. Before starting sessions, I didn’t know a lot about hypnotherapy but after having results in such a short amount of time I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to stop a habit. (Female)

Discuss your goals and expectations and learn more about the process of hypnotherapy or counselling sessions

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