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Today’s blog post has been contributed by Pamela Rae-Welsh, a leading online visibility specialist and the face of Worsley Creative Services. Pamela has supported hundreds of small business owners with no jargon, actionable support to increase their online visibility and get their websites seen by the search engines. Pamela offers a range of services from programmes and courses to done for you SEO management, website builds and brand creation.
Pamela, Visibility specialist

The importance of resilience as a small business owner

Do you hide online so that you don’t poke the bear? Are you someone who doesn’t like to ruffle feathers? Would you be horrified if someone disagreed with your opinion? Do you avoid posting up bold statements for fear of judgement? You are not alone. But the reality is that the best content is when the message comes from your gut and your experience, your skill, and your knowledge. It’s time for you to face your fears and learn resilience, a trait every small business owner needs to have.
It is important to be genuine and authentic in anything that you do but especially when you are producing content for your small business. By being open and honest online, you are much more likely to engage with a new audience who will enjoy your content/products and start conversations which will draw more attention to your small business.
Even if you aren’t normally into social media, blogging or email newsletters or you’re scared of posting online, perhaps now is the time to try something new. Allowing yourself to let your guard down and be your honest self in front of potential clients will help them to get to know you. This will show that you are open and trustworthy, which will make people want to engage more with you and your business. This process will help you to slowly build up your resilience as a small business owner.

Here’s how to get more confident with being visible in your niche

1. Stay Humble

Errrhhh isn’t that the opposite of what you’ve just said? Nope! Being confident to put your knowledge out there with humility and knowing that others may have a different opinion is the ultimate sign of respect. Be humble in acknowledging the different views of others and where those views come from and you’ll be able to post up your content more confidently.
Respect that others will have different opinions to you, and that this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to stand by your own. At the same time, being able to see another take is an invaluable skill which shows you can adapt and have an open mind.

2. Be approachable

Encourage debate, inspire conversation and accept that others have differing views. Being open to different opinions is really powerful – as it sets you apart as a LEADER in your field.

3. Set boundaries for when things get toxic

This one is important. If someone gets personal, if someone gets rude, if someone says something egregiously false – that’s your red flag to stop the conversation. Being open to encouraging debates and giving a platform for opinions is powerful – allowing yourself or others to be bullied or misled, is not.

4. Demonstrate the results

Show why you have your opinions and approaches to what you do. Demonstrate the results and this will help your audience to see your credibility and authority in your niche.
You must know exactly why you are doing or saying the things you are doing and saying – this will help to keep you focused on the main aims of your small business and remind you to not take things personally. So try not to waffle about things you aren’t an expert in. Focus on showing people, through your results, that you are useful and provide value to your niche.

5. Keep learning

No one knows everything. Demonstrate to your audience that you have a commitment to learning and developing your skills and leadership and this will go a long way in building your credibility.

Still feeling scared about putting yourself out there as a small business owner?

Feeling fear is only natural but you have the power to overcome these fears. To feel the fear and to do it anyway is part of becoming a resilient small business owner. If you’re afraid to share your opinion for the first time, talk it through with someone who can advise you first, so you can get their feedback and feel more confident in your actions. If it helps you, plan what you’re going to say. You should also remind yourself why sharing your opinion is worth enduring any nervous feelings and think about what you will get out of it.
I also recommend that you start putting yourself out there ASAP. Today even! Don’t wait to become confident before speaking your mind. Confidence is something we have to constantly practice as
business owners – it’s very “fake it til you make it” – but by putting your opinion out there now and dealing with the positive (and potentially negative) results,
you are showing yourself that you have got this, and you just have to be brave enough.
You should also try to detach yourself from your business when it comes to criticism. By focusing on your customers and your business, you are not making it about you. This will make it easier to grow a thick skin against negative feedback because you are much more than your work. You will become resilient and criticism will be useful to your business rather than damaging to your ego.
Just remember to always make sure you’re being authentic to yourself. You are a business owner. Not a comedian or a political commentator. You don’t have to force yourself to have an opinion on something just because it’s expected of you. You’re not expected to be hilarious or overwhelmingly intelligent all the time – people make mistakes and learn from them. If people do negatively react to them, remind yourself that they do not know you or your processes and it is more of a reflection of their insecurities.
Pamela; helping small business owners

Becoming resilient as a small business owner is a slow process, but you can do it!

I know that putting yourself out there can be scary and overwhelming. But you shouldn’t fear putting it out there because of judgement or worry that someone will disagree. The more you stand up for your beliefs and what you know is right – the more you become credible in your niche and build the Know, Like & Trust factor. If you could use some advice on putting yourself out there and increasing your online visibility as a small business owner, check out my SEO Beautiful Privilege Group.

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