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keeping your mental health healthy

Keeping your mental health healthy

Written By Alison Ralph                                                                        Date: 12.10.2022

Monday 10th October marked World Mental Health Day. A day for raising awareness and talking about mental health. So, what can you do to keep your mental health healthy? In this blog I will be sharing my tried and tested top tips from working as a hypnotherapist and counsellor. I hope that you find them to be helpful.

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BE ACTIVE – Yes it’s the one that people go on about all the time. Joe Wicks has pretty much made his living out of it and that because it works! When we exercise the brain releases endorphins. Those are the chemicals that made you feel good. They are designed to send a message to the subconscious mind and tell it that you are doing okay! Not only that, don’t forget the buzz that you get when you have achieved something or when you are in a class with others you can also have a little chin wag. It doesn’t have to be high impact exercise, just something achievable for you. You might start with a slow walk, or some leg raises in your chair at home. If there is one thing you do this week to keep your mental health healthy, let it be getting active!

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STAY IN THE PRESENT – Now I am not saying this is easy, it can be quite difficult but does make a difference. If you are looking towards the future all the time and anticipating what ‘could’ happen then you may experience feelings of anxiety. If you are looking at the past on a regular basis and focussing on the negatives or what you could have done in certain situations then this can cause depression and low mood. If you find yourself thinking into the past or future a lot then catch yourself and bring yourself back to what you are doing in the present moment. Immerse yourself in that moment and its details. If you do need to think about the past or future, give yourself a time and place to do that. Give this a go and notice how eventually you will be more focussed on your present moment.

Take a look at these cute little mindfulness jars that give you 50 ideas for mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you to stay in the present and helps to keep your mental health healthy! These little jars are made by me and can be bought in my Etsy shop.

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TALK – Yes it’s that old chestnut, but again it works. My first session with any client is getting to know their issue and what has been going on for them and what they would like to achieve from sessions. We may not do any work around overcoming the feelings or the issue but people always go away feeling so much better and as though a weight has lifted off their shoulders. This is because the issue is not swimming around in their imagination anymore but it has been shared and can be looked at in a different way. This can happen if you talk to a friend or family member too but if you don’t feel that you can express it to them then reach out to a charity such as, The Samaritans or get in touch with a counsellor.

If you would like to talk to a counsellor or would be interested in hypnotherapy sessions to help you keep your mental health healthy then find out how we can work together here Contact – Alison Ralph (

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MAKE YOU A PRIORITY – You may have a job, a house, a family, a parent to care for and other responsibilities that make up the person you are. However, it is very important to give time for you. I often see people who have anxiety and they find it difficult to say NO. This causes them to take on roles that they either don’t want or don’t have time for, but the more and more they take on, the more anxious they become. Our bodies were not designed to be on the go all of the time, we really do push them to the limit. So, if you can take some time out just for you, learn to be more assertive and have moments of pause during the day, you will find that your mental health improves.

If you are unsure about ways to prioritise you or practise self care take a look at my wonderful product – 100 Days of Self-care. There are 100 ideas for you to pull out of the jar and practise AND they guarantee to put you first and release those feel good hormones! 

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DON’T BECOME CONSUMED WITH IT – This might sound like an unusual one and one that may cause you to feel p***ed off, however if you give so much thought to the anxiety or feelings of depression then the likelihood is that you will make it worse. Now I am not saying to ignore it completely and make yourself busy all the time because that is not useful either (as explained in point number 4). What I am saying is, notice that it is there, accept it is there and tell yourself that it will go away. When you constantly think about it in a negative way, it causes the brain to think there is a threat and this then activities that fight or flight within you and the feelings become heightened.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to have mental health issues or not, you can still practise some of these things to keep your mental health healthy. It is important to recognise that each of these tips will not work for every person and therefore it is important to try each one and find what works well for you, giving them a week or more before you decide to stop using them. These tips will give you some ideas but don’t forget to read my other blogs to find out other ways to keep your mental health healthy. 

If you have tried self-care to keep your mental health healthy and they are not working then it might be time for you to contact your GP. Don’t be afraid to contact your GP and talk to them about how you are feeling. Remember, you will get your mental health on track eventually!

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Guest Blogs


Ageing Hair

Written 6th October 2022

Today’s blog post has been contributed by Bex from Quirky Do, a Macclesfield based hairdressers. Bex has the specialist training and expertise to offer advice and support to assist you in developing a personalised strategy for holding back or rejuvenating ageing hair. 
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Holding back ageing hair

The appearance of people’s hair can influence how they feel about themselves, their confidence and sense of wellbeing. Ageing cannot be avoided – it is a fact of life. Nevertheless, ageing can impact on how we feel about ourselves and our wellbeing. Thankfully, when it comes to hair care we can do something about ageing. First, we need to know what causes hair to age.

The causes of ageing hair are numerous and include natural oil not reaching our hair as it should due to shrinking oil glands.

  • Weathering of the hair shaft is another cause of ageing. This can result in minor hair loss, but more commonly weathering leads to frazzled or hard to manage hair.
  • Ageing hair follicles (the roots) cannot be prevented – our genetics see to that. However, environmental factors, stress and inflammation can also play their part. Ageing hair follicles are the reason our hair turns grey.
  • And let’s not forget the scalp – our scalp also ages because of physiological factors such as genetics and their chemical expression – known as epigenetic mechanisms. While extrinsic factors including smoking, and ultraviolet radiation also contribute to scalp ageing.


When it comes to ageing hair, all is not lost.

What can be done to help ageing hair?

Ageing can be held back simply because external factors have more influence than genetics. Innovations in the hair care industry and consumer demand, mean a number of strategies are available to bring our hair back to the future.

1. Colouring the hair
Having a colour, is the most frequent “go to” for greying hair and returning hair tone. Yet, alternatives to a colour are available.
2. Anti-ageing shampoo

With the right care and product, anti-ageing shampoos can impact on the external influences and hold back the signs of ageing through the rejuvenation of the scalp.

3. Conditioning treatments

Conditioning treatments can fight hair loss and other age-related changes to our hair. Again, the right care and product is all important.

4. Anti-ageing treatments

Through the wonders of science, anti-grey treatments can protect against depigmentation and reactive pigmentation as-well-as strengthening the hair.

Bex at Quirky DO

Help is at hand.


Here at quirky do, Bex has the specialist training and expertise to offer advice and support to assist you in developing a personalised strategy for holding back or rejuvenating ageing hair.

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