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Setting goals for 2024

Setting goals for 2024

Written By Alison Ralph                                                                        Date: 31.12.23

We have come to the final day of 2023 and there is a lot of pressure around changing yourself, becoming the new you and making New Year’s resolutions. It might be that you don’t bother with all of this and that is okay. Don’t allow people to pressurise you into it. If you are thinking of setting new goals and looking at reflecting on 2023 then this blog post is for you. Read on to find out about why it is useful to write down your goals, the best way to set achievable goals and for some FREE downloadable resources.

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The topics I will cover in this blog post are:

  • The reason you should write down your goals for 2024
  • The best way to set achievable goals
  • The SMART goal method
  • Some FREE downloadable resources to help you set goals

Writing down your goals for 2024

It is very useful to write down your goals for 2024 and you will notice that if you do this, you are more likely to carry them out. 

Think about all the thoughts that are swimming around in your head. Sometimes it can feel like your trying to catch a small fish in a large ocean of water. If you set goals in the mind then it can feel like this each time you think of your goals, or you might even forget to think about them at all!

If you write down the goals then you can see them clearly in front if you. Have them stuck at your work desk, on your fridge or in your bag to view everyday. You can then be sure of what your goals are and keep working towards them. No fishing around in the mind through all of those thoughts you have day to day!

We tend to have more ownership over the things we have written down and may even choose to show them to somebody else who can support us in our goal.

So what are you waiting for? Get a piece of paper and pen or download one of my documents in this blog post and get writing!

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What is the best way to set achievable goals?

When setting achievable goals it is useful to first decide on goals that are achievable. If we have a goal which is too broad or not achievable then we are less likely to achieve that goal. For example, if your goal is to get healthy, this is a broad statement and may require you to do a number of different things which feel unachievable before you have even started. This can lead to procrastination, starting and then giving up quickly and failure. 

If you can make the goal more focused for example, to eat more fruit  and veg every day or to exercise twice a week, these are more focussed and achievable. Once you have achieved these and they are part of your day to day, you can always change the goal or add something to it. 

SMART goal writing

You may have heard the SMART goal setting method before and it can be helpful when looking at setting goals that you are able to reach.

S is for Specific – Don’t just say what will happen. Be clear about what you will do, in detail. For example, I will go to the gym on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Tuesday and Saturday I will focus on cardio and on a Thursday I will do some weights.

M is for measurable – A good goal can be measured or quantified. The outcome is not vague or up for interpretation. Answer this question, ‘How will I know that my goal has been reached?’

A is for attainable – This means that it is realistic for you in your situation. A goal should challenge us to move and improve but needs to be possible and reasonable.

R is for relevant – Does the goal actually speak to your broader values? Does the smaller goal fit into the bigger goal and does it make sense in context?

T is for time-bound – Set a deadline for one the goal should be accomplished by, or outline some time limits. Goals set for ‘someday’ or with a longer timescale don’t normally materialise.

Following these steps can help you to create some clear and precise goals, giving you a good starting point for 2024. Remember, once you have achieved one goal, you can create another precise goal and continue to improve and achieve!

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Here are some FREE downloadable resources to help you set your goals.

Some people like to start with a plain piece of paper and start to allow their mind to run, however if you are someone who needs guidance or a template feel free to download these, produced by me. One is more structured than the other so you might prefer to complete just one, or you could even use both. I really like the one which looks like a firework because it really gets you thinking about different aspects of your life. Here are the documents:

A file to help you set 2024 goals

stepping into 2024

You might feel that it would be useful for you to talk to a counsellor in 2024 or to achieve a goal using hypnotherapy. Follow the link below to get in touch and found out how I might be able to help. 

Whatever you decide your goals to be in 2024, making them realistic and using small steps is the answer. The more you are able to achieve, the happier you will feel and the more motivated to carry on setting goals you will be. Remember, writing them down gives a clear, ‘set in stone’ goal and you are more likely to carry them out. Stick to the SMART goals if you feel they will be useful or simply follow one of my downloadable documents.

I hope that you have a successful start to 2024 and that it is a healthy one for you and your loved ones.

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