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5 ways hypnotherapy can help your menopause symptoms

If you are struggling with the menopause transition and would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you then have a read of this blog post.

5 ways hypnotherapy can help your menopause symptoms

Written by Alison Ralph                     Date 15 January 2024

Menopause! It can be a really difficult time in a woman’s life so here are 5 ways hypnotherapy can help your menopause symptoms. Unfortunately during the menopause, some women feel lonely, some do not know which way to turn and some even feeling like they are going mad! Luckily, there has been a lot more noise about the menopause over the last few years and more ways to help women cope are being talked about. One of those ways is hypnotherapy and I am going to explain how in this blog post. 

I will talk about these things and how they can help different symptoms and your overall well-bring:

  • Relaxation
  • Visualisation
  • Talking
  • The subconscious mind 
  • Tools that work!


A lady feeling relaxed. Showing relaxation after hypnotherapy.

Often, the menopause can cause a person to feel more stressed and have anxiety symptoms. When a person is in a hypnotic state they are generally in a state of relaxation too. This means that the body can slow down and the mind can have some time out. These relaxation techniques can also be practised at home, meaning that you can be more relaxed on a regular basis. This can help those feelings of anxiety and stress. 


In hypnotherapy we use a lot of visualisation because the brain responds well to it. We can visualise a cool place to help with hot flushes, a calm place to help with stress or the ways we would like to behave so the brain has a different path to follow. This can be a very successful way to achieve the outcome we would like. 

In a relaxing place on a hammock


Alison talking to a client

The first session of hypnotherapy with me involves talking and finding out what is going on for you. Talking is a powerful tool! It allows you to get all the thoughts and feelings out into the air, in a non-judgemental and understanding environment. People always feel better after this session and often say that a weight has lifted from their shoulders!

The Subconscious mind

Did you know that the subconscious mind controls everything that happens in your body? So even your hot flushes, anxiety and ways you feel about yourself. In hypnotherapy we work with the subconscious to help change the thought processes, helping you to feel in control and more positive! 

Image showing all the things the mind filters
Tools that work!

Cool place visualisation

When you are struggling with hot flushes during the day or night it can be extremely difficult. People become stressed by them, embarrassed and just want them to go away. They might start fanning themselves or striping off their clothes. When people react in this way, it causes the brain to send out the stress signals which makes the issue worse. Have a go at the cool place visualisation and notice how it helps!

Deep belly breathing

You may have found that anxiety and stress have increased as you transition through the menopause and you are not really sure where to start to reduce this. Deep belly breathing can help because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is the part of the body that deals with relaxation. When this is relaxed it sends a signal to the brain to say that we are relaxed and the brain then can send out the relaxing hormones. 

Instructions for a relaxing breathing technique
A lady writing in her journal

Journaling is a very affective tool and can help you to raise self-esteem and confidence, create positive thinking and help you to understand patterns in behaviour and feelings. 

The above tools are just some that I introduce to my clients when they come to me for hypnotherapy. Unfortunately, hypnotherapy is not just a magic wand that makes changes and takes your issues away. It does require work from the client and these tools can help you to manage the symptoms of menopause that you are experiencing. 

As you can see, hypnotherapy can help with many symptoms of the menopause and it is a natural way to overcome these issues. It can help you to feel more positive and to help the transition feel easier. If you are unsure of the symptoms you have, take a look at this symptom tracker. It can help you ahead of any appointments you have and can be useful once you have started any treatment to recognise any progress made. 

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