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How investing in hypnotherapy sessions can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Written by ALISON RALPH                                            Date: 04.10.21               


Hypnotherapy can be an extremely affective treatment for improving your overall health and well being however, it is not widely known or understood. Many people immediately think about stage hypnosis or hypnosis they may have seen on TV. 

My name is Alison Ralph and I am a hypnotherapist based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. I work with clients in my Macclesfield hypnotherapy practice; helping to improve their health and well being using a holistic approach to give them the best possible outcome. 

In this blog post I will give you a clearer understanding of what hypnotherapy is and how it can help to improve your overall health and well being. All of this will be explained in these steps:

  • The history of hypnosis; showing that it is not a new idea for improving health and well being
  • I will break down the word and explain the two parts 
  • Explain what hypnotherapy is often used for and the people I see in my practice 
  • Explain who can and cannot use hypnotherapy 
  • The reasons why you should use it if you are having doubts

The history of hypnosis

So where did it all begin? 

People often think that hypnotherapy for improving health and well being is a new thing however, I am going to tell you today that it’s not!

We cannot of course be 100% sure of where it begin but evidence suggests that it was used by ancient cultures in Greece and Egypt. They used a form of it in their healing ceremonies and even built ‘sleep temples’ to perform the practice. 

In the 1700’s it was developed and researching by Franz Anton Mesmer and it was called mesmerism. Many people received treatment from him. 

Since this time it has been developed and used for many other reasons and has become more recognised as a treatment from the NHS and other medical institutions. 

In the early days, a pocket watch was used to help induce hypnosis so that the client could focus on something. They were then brought into movies to help people learnt about hypnosis. and have become the object that people think of when hypnotherapy is mentioned. However, hypnosis is induced through the voice mostly in todays practice. 

If you would like to know more, I really like this info graphic as it explains hypnosis through time 

Timeline.png (678×1600) (

An old clock showing the history of hypnosis

A closer look at Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be broken into two works – ‘Hypno’ and ‘Therapy’.

Let’s deal with the word ‘Therapy’ first. People come to hypnotherapy because they want to improve their health and well being. For example, they might want help overcoming anxiety or for pain management. The hypnotherapist will therefore allow the client time to talk about their problem and will guide the client to talk about how it is affecting them in day to day life, the first time they experienced their problem and triggers for their problem. This is completed in a private and highly confidential manner. The therapist and client then work together to devise a for sessions. Within the sessions, the aim is to allow the client to achieve goals and overcome obstacles with a change of mindset. 

That leads us to the second word -‘Hypnosis’. Hypnosis is simply, a deep relaxed state of body and mind. You will be guided into relaxation using different techniques, including the calm voice of the therapist. I have had clients explain the feeling as ‘a massage but without the physical touch’. Once you are in the deep level of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is receptive to change and the therapist can talk about the goals and changes you want. 

Hypnotherapy is a partnership between the therapist and client and by working together, changes can be made!

Client and therapist

How can hypnotherapy improve my health and well being?

Hypnotherapy can be used for many issues within life and each issue that a client presents with is often affecting their health and well being. 

I often work with clients who would like to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment for this because smoking is a subconscious activity (a habit) which is often deeply engrained from a child. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can help to change the mindset towards smoking and give a person the motivation and courage to stop.

I also work with people to help manage their anxiety or stress. Hypnotherapy is helpful for this because as well as teaching them strategies to overcome the feelings anxiety or stress gives, I help to change the through processes in the subconscious mind. This allows them to think more positive and kind to themselves. 

People often come to me because they would like to lose weight. Hypnotherapy can help with weight management because again, the mindset can be changed around foods they eat and the amount of foods they eat. We can also look at behaviour patterns that have been instilled since childhood and visit these in the subconscious mind allowing the client to make the changes at a deeper level. 

Hypnotherapy can also be used for increasing confidence, overcoming phobias, insomnia, transitioning through the menopause and more.

As you can see, all of these issues will be affecting a person’s health and well being in some way and if they can be improved using hypnosis the person can live a happier quality of life. 

Can everyone be hypnotised?

When I talk to people during an initial phone consultation they are often worried that they cannot be hypnotised because they struggle to relax in daily life or even to fall asleep at night. However, it is thought that 99.9% of people can be hypnotised. When we daydream  in our daily lives we are in a hypnotic state and therefore it is not a difficult state to be guided into my a professional. 

It is important to say though that those who cannot be hypnotised are those who maybe don’t believe in the process and have come along because a friend or family member have persuaded them to or they may be putting a barrier up for some reason. If this is the case, it can be worked through by talking to the hypnotherapist. 

It is thought that hypnotherapy could be harmful to those who have psychosis or other personality disorders due to the fact that we enter the mind during the treatment. I would recommend that you seek out a hypnotherapist who is highly trained in this area. 

The reasons why you should try hypnotherapy is you are having doubts .

I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is trying to make improvements to their health and well being and I know that many of my clients past and present would too. 

Here are my top 5 reasons to try hypnotherapy: 

  1. It is a relaxing process and allows you to take time out from your busy daily life.
  2. It teaches you strategies for your issue which you can use and put into your ‘health and wellbeing toolbox’
  3. It allows that time to talk in an environment which is non-judgement and understanding. This can also help you to feel better and more relaxed. 
  4. It can help you to overcome many different problems, improving your health and well being
  5. It can access your subconscious thinking and so can be quicker than other forms of therapy

I hope that this blog has helped you to gain a better understanding of how hypnotherapy can help you to improve your health and well being. My aim was to help you recognise that hypnotherapy is not a new treatment but has been working for people for many years like other forms of therapy and to also help you gain a clearer understanding of how hypnotherapy could help you to improve your health and well being. 

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