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hypno-Gastric band

What is the hypno-gastric band?

The hypno-gastric band treatment uses hypnosis to help you lose weight and change the mindset towards the amount of food you consume. If you are someone who eats large portions of food, goes back for seconds and just doesn’t know when to stop then the the hypno-gastric band can train the brain to stop you eating once you are full. 

It will prompt you to feel full quicker and help you along your healthy, fitter and slimmer journey. The hypno-gastric band can help those who are wanting to lose nine stone, one stone or those who just want to be healthier. 

‘I found the recordings really useful at helping me stay on track more and also I’m learning to say no when full and question myself more on if I really need/ want something.’

A person measuring their stomach to show weight loss


How does the hypno-gastric band work?

You will be guided into hypnosis (a deep feeling of relaxation) then your subconscious mind will be used to begin making the changes you need.  

The first session will involve gathering information and looking into your eating habits and the possible reasons for over eating.

The second session, known as the pre-op will to used to prepare the mind for the fitting of the hypno-gastric band. 

The third session actually guides you through the operation, using your imagination, as though you are really there in the operating theatre, having the treatment. Once you come out of hypnosis, the mind has been tricked into thinking you have experienced the actual surgery and so you eat less as a result. 

The forth session is used to track progress and create new behaviours in the subconscious, if needed. 

Hypno-gastric band sessions are client led and will involve links to yourself and your personal difficulties and goals. These sessions require, conscious strategies and recordings as well as a dedication from you. The more that you invest in the program, the more successful it will be.

How much does the hypno-gastric band cost?

The Hypno-Gastric Band treatment cost is £250.00. This covers all four sessions and they can be conducted online or face to face.

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