Alison Ralph Hypnotherapy and Counselling

How much does a hypnotherapy session cost?

If you are thinking of making that investment in yourself and would like to work with me, sessions are charged as follows:

£53 per session

Each hypnotherapy session is one hour long. 

How much do stop smoking sessions cost?

Dibbing out those cigarettes

The cost of a smoking cessation session is £175.00 for a block of 3 sessions. Each session is one hour long. The first two sessions are taken in consecutive weeks and the final session is normally taken two weeks after the second session. 

How much does the hypno-gastric band course cost?

Elastic bands, symbolising the hypno gastric band

The cost of a hypno-gastric band session is £250.00 for a block of 4 sessions. Each session is one hour long and the first 3 sessions are taken in consecutive weeks with the last session a month after the third session.

Free hypnotherapy phone consultation

Before any hypnotherapy session with myself I offer a free phone consultation. This consultation allows me to inform you about the ways I work through hypnosis and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about my service. The free phone consultation works really well to allow you to hear my voice and get a feel of the therapist you will be working with. There is no obligation to continue after this free phone consultation. 

It’s amazing how this call alone can often have a positive impact on you!