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How scented candles can play a part in your selfcare routine

Want to know more about how scented candles can play a part in your self care routine, have a read of this guest blog post by Nicky Burnett – founder of Amare luxury fragrance.

How scented candles can play a part in your self care routine

Written by Nicky Burnett                           Date 26 June 2023

Are you wondering how helpful scented candles can be to your wellbeing?
In this blog post, Nicky Burnett the founder of Amare Luxury Fragrance, tells how candles helped her during a tough time in her life, and how they can bring you moments of self care every day.

How it all began for me

Candles have always been a part of my self care routine.
They were my go to, to create a cosy space, to relax me or to give me a boost of energy depending which fragrance I chose.
A way to take little moments for myself every day.
I love the big self care gestures, like a spa day or a holiday, but realistically these aren’t things that we can do every day! I wish they were!
But lighting a candle is something that we can do for ourselves every day.
And those little moments of daily self care really do add up.
And we start to see and feel the wellbeing benefits for us.
Lighting the flame encourages me to slow down and really enjoy the beautiful aromas.
Taking time for myself every day.
I choose fragrances that calm or uplift me, depending on my mood and needs on a particular day. The fragrance you need and its benefits, will change all the time for you. That’s one of the beauties of scented candles!
Calming candle flame
So when my Dad was terminally ill, it came naturally to me to bring a candle into his room. Self care is important for everyone, but it can be particularly difficult to find the time and energy to take care of ourselves in busy and stressful periods of our lives.
But ironically these are exactly the times when we need it the most.
So bringing a candle into my Dad’s room was my way of helping to take care of both him and myself in difficult times.

During the time that he was very poorly, I started to dream about starting a business where I could encourage other people to cherish moments for themselves with beautiful fragrance, and gradually Amare was born. Amare means to cherish in Italian.

My purpose with Amare, is to encourage you to cherish moments of self care every day.
To keep yourself recharged and strong, to be able to cope better with whatever life throws your way.

What are the wellbeing benefits of scented candles?

Candles are a popular way to add a touch of elegance and luxury to any home, but they have been used for centuries for their, fragrance and mood boosting properties too.
And in more recent years there has been more interest in using them in self care.
There are so many reasons why candles can be beneficial as part of your self care routine. Here are just a few of them;
A picture of a number one

The act of lighting a candle can be a calming and mindful experience. It can help to slow down your thoughts and allow you to concentrate on the present moment.

Candlelight can help to reduce stress and anxiety. They create a calming and relaxing atmosphere that can be particularly helpful after a long day or when you are feeling stressed or anxious.
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Research has proven that fragrance can have a powerful impact on your mood. They can boost our mood and make us feel more relaxed and happier.
 I certainly found this when I was lighting candles in my Dad’s room.
It calmed me down, created a pleasant atmosphere in the room for him, and generally lifted our mood in difficult times.

Beautiful fragrance can boost your creativity. It can help you focus and be more creative.

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How you can include candles in your self care routine?

If you are looking for a way to incorporate scented candles into your self care routine, here are some ideas that I use:

  • Light a candle before bed. The soft light and calming fragrance of a candle, can help to signal the start of winding down ready for your sleep, and can help you to sleep better.
    Some fragrances have proven properties to help you to relax, such as Lavender and Camomile.
    Make lighting a candle part of your evening routine. Reminding your body and mind that it is time to slow down and switch off.
  • Take a bath with a candle.The combination of the warm water, bubbles and relaxing fragrance can help you to unwind and de-stress after a long day. I also add relaxing essential oils into my bath water!
    Remember to use your candle safety and keep it away from water 
  • Do your Yoga practice or meditation with a candle. Focus on the flickering flame and your breath. Let the calming candle fragrance help you to relax, clear your mind and focus.
  • Read a book curled up on the sofa, pressing pause on the world for a while. Candlelight provides a cosy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your book. Or playing your favourite music.
  • Light your candle while you paint your nails, or give yourself a facial.
    The relaxing atmosphere created by candlelight can help you to feel pampered and indulged.
  • Light a candle when you spend time with loved ones. Candlelight can create a cosy atmosphere to sit with a glass of wine and chat, or maybe a romantic atmosphere.

Some additional tips when you are using candles for self care

  1. Place them in areas of your home where you will be able to enjoy the benefits of their gorgeous aromas, A quiet and relaxing space if your aim is to let the candle stress you.
  2. Light your candle and take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax and feel the benefits of the fragrance.
  3. Create a comfortable space, get cosy on that sofa and light your flame.
  4. Take time for yourself, unplug your phone, turn your devices off, and focus on what you need.
  5. Remember to keep candles away from draughts and curtains, and out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a lit candle unattended 
No matter how you choose to use them, candles can be a perfect way to add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your self care routine.
So next time you feel tired, stressed or overwhelmed, light that candle and take some time for yourself.
Taking a few moments every day for yourself, to reap all the wellbeing benefits that beautiful fragrance can bring you. 
To bring your mind, body and soul back into balance again, recharging and relaxing.