Self care ideas

Coming out of lockdown anxiety

Do you have anxiety about coming out of lockdown?


You may be wondering why you have all the similar feelings about coming out of lockdown as you did when it all started. 

Don’t worry, this is completely normal! What became your new normal is about to change again and so the subconscious is taking you back into that survival mode. You have so many questions about various things you might face in the world outside of your bubble. You may also be creating your own scenarios in your mind – the imagination is your best friend but can also be your enemy!  

So what can you do to help yourself?

  1. Write down each worry and deal with them separately. For example, if you are worried about going back to work, get to know what they are doing there to minimise risk to yourself and anyone else or talk to them about support. If you are worried about facing the supermarket then chose a quieter time and day to go. 
  2. What worries can you and can’t you control? Write a list of the worries you can control and those you cannot. Try to focus on the ones you can do something about and push the others to the back of your mind.
  3. Calming breaths– I think that calming breaths work for everything! Sit somewhere quietly and really focus in on your breathing. How your chest feels as it rises and falls and really allowing your body to relax. 
  4. Pick out the positives – focus on the positive elements of the lockdown easing and again, try to put any negatives to the back of your mind.
  5. Remember! You coped with change before. When the lockdown began there was a lot of change to daily routine and for many people a sense of pain and anxiety. Remember, you overcame and you can use the positives from this to cope with the new change. 
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself! It is important to remember that we are going through a world pandemic and therefore you need to look after yourself. Take time out for you and practise good self care.

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