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Things to remember as lockdown restrictions ease

For the past year and a bit most people have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions and had struggles of their own in different ways. Our subconscious minds have been in turmoil trying to keep up and so you may have experienced feelings of anxiety, worry, anger or other emotions. Now restrictions are easing and you might notice emotions which you hadn’t expected. We are supposed to feel happy that restrictions are easing right? But this might not be the case for some people and that is ok too. 

Things to remember

  1. You’re allowed to decline social invites – it is ok to decline a social invite if you don’t feel quite ready yet. Everyone will adapt at a different rate and I’m sure friends and family will understand if you tell them this. 
  2. It’s ok to feel a bit emotionally unsteady -the change in rules yet again will play havoc with the subconscious brain and so emotions may appear that you hadn’t quite expected. 
  3. Your body doesn’t need to look a certain way – again throughout lockdown people have struggled to exercise or eat healthily and this is a natural response to the emotions we have been through. Try not to worry – you will probably find that other people have changed too. 
  4. It’s ok if you don’t want to be as busy as you once were- I don’t know about you but I have met lots of people who have had a taste of a slower pace of life and really enjoy it. If this is you, embrace it and look at the benefits. 
  5. There is no right way to feel, think or move forward- Go at your own pace and try not to focus on what others are doing. You know what is best for you and that is where your focus should be. 
  6. It’s ok if your pre-lockdown life no longer exists – if things have changed for you in a big way during this time, see if as a new beginning, a fresh start and go for it! 

With these six points in mind remember that you are important and it doesn’t matter if you move at a different pace or experience different emotions to the next person. We are all unique!

Written by Alison Ralph

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