Alison Ralph Hypnotherapy and Counselling

What will happen in a hypnotherapy session?

What will happen in a hypnotherapy session with Alison?

When you have never experienced therapy before you may feel apprehensive and unsure. You may be wondering what might happen in hypnotherapy sessions when you come into my practice. 

Hypnotherapy sessions always begin with a free phone consultation. This is an opportunity for us to have a short chat about the reasons you would like to come to hypnotherapy. The phone call gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have but also helps us to decide if we feel we can move forward together. I always feel that this first voice contact is a good start to the therapeutic process and allows me to find out your understanding of hypnotherapy and expectations. 

What to expect in your first hypnotherapy session

In the first session I use counselling skills to get to know you, your issue and the things you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy. I might teach you some conscious strategies that you can begin to practise at home if we feel this will be of benefit to you. We may or may not do hypnosis during this session, depending on the time we have. I always aim to complete some short relaxation to give you a feel for the process of hypnosis. 

What to expect in subsequent hypnotherapy sessions

At the beginning of each session we will review progress and open up the space for you to share your experiences since the previous session. This might inform how we continue that specific session as I always aim to be client led and tailer sessions towards you and what you need in order to succeed in your goal. 

During each session you will experience hypnosis which aims to help achieve the outcomes you are looking for. We may also feel that talking within the sessions is necessary as part of your self-development.

I like to work holistically and client led to enable you to feel listened to, understood and safe.

You will find that each hypnotherapy session is different, and sessions should develop with yourself and your journey. I strive to use all my experience and knowledge to give you the best possible outcome and find it extremely important to work with you and I fully value your input. You will find that with each hypnotherapy session you become more comfortable with the process of hypnosis and find it easier to drift into that state of relaxation. It really is a lovely process and one that most clients find extremely useful after a hard or stressful day. 

‘I can’t thank Alison enough for helping me manage my anxiety and showing me some useful techniques to deal with daily situations. She made the environment cosy and safe and I felt completely comfortable opening up to her.’